Thursday, November 19, 2009

warm november sunshine!

The other day it was a beautiful sunny day ... so we bundled up to go on a walk ... to our surprise we stepped outside and it was WARM ... 63* to be exact ... so we unbundled and went for a nice walk in long sleeve t-shirts instead of coats, mittens and hats (Cooper felt like Peter Parker in his hood ... so he kept that on for a while).
Dodge ... mr. bright eyes

Cooper is always a warrior of some kind

Coop's all mr. cool in his shades

Sawyer ... mr. charming

all of us together

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


this is the best shot I got of him ...
he's always on the run and havin' fun!
Bailey ...

Mae or "Mae-Mae"

Sylas or as we all call him "Sy-Sy"

We always have fun with the cousins!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dodge is 1

sweet dreams birthday boy!
opening presents ...

playing with his new mater

he's in love with cars and trucks and makes cute car sounds ...

pumpkin cupcakes

Happy Birthday Dodge

New Camera!!!

We are sooo extatic to have a nice camera to capture the color of our life ... Thanks to Jeremy's HARD and labor intensive weekends of painting ... we got to buy a Digital SLR ... now we just have to learn how to use it ... but it takes awesome pictures even if we are novice photographers. YAY!!!
more color ...

sawyer's excited too!

jeremy lookin' cool!

dodge and his big brown eyes ...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

hiking the "L"

on our way up we hiked through the herd of sheep ...
they are so cute and entertaining too

starting to climb ...

we made it!

dodge slept the whole way up and was
rather cute at the top

cooper liked climbing all over the "L"

time to head down ...

fishin' @ fort fizzle

dodge and i sit on the shore while the
big boys fish and play in the water.
check out those front teeth.
dodge is very proud of them as you can tell ...

sawyer's going after a big one ...

this one of cooper makes me whistle
the andy griffith theme song ...
like father like son ...

dodge can't wait to join in ...he's a watchin' ...


oh baby!
saturday night bathtime is so fun with 3 little boys ...
check out that farmer's tan ...

we love bathtime ...